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The 17th century wood panelling

The armours Room and the cabinet are decorated with a painted wood paneling, dating back to the 17th century. This unique decors require urgent restorations !

On the paintings, we can see the influence of the Renaissance period : foliage patterns, medallions with landscapes, weapons, masks, allegories.... Mannerist overtones can be identified : profusion and accumulation of patterns, theatrical accommodations.

These decors have never been presented to the public, nor have they been restored.

Restoration works will be planned regarding the following needs : 
-  The wooden panels and the paint layers must be strengthened 
- Some wooden panels must be treated against parasites  
- The painted decors have to be cleaned 
- Paint flakes have to be fixed 
- Areas of paint loss will be repainted

As these decors have never been studied, you will help science to gain ground by participating to this operation.  
The restoration program  will give us the opportunity to study pigments, and paint layers stratigraphy. 
The results of this study will permit to know more about these decors, to restore them better and to preserve them better. 


The stables

The stables take place in the north part of the barnyard and they were built aginst the castle surrounding wall.

In the 16th century, the building lost its wooden frame and its roofing because of a fire.

Nowadays, the masonry needs to be strengthened. The wooden frame and the roofing should be rebuilt.

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The Renaissance staircase

The Renaissance staircase is dating back to the 17th century when the south dwellings were decorated. Time and weather have damaged the masonry. Now, its structure threaten to fall into decay and the balusters are deteriorationg. 

The restoration works will preserve the ancient masonry. Only the most deteriorated stones will be replaced by stones having the same characteristics.
The all staircase will be cleaned by brushing.


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The Château de Beynac is protected as a Historical Monument. A patronage convention has been signed with the Demeure Historique. This convention concerns the restoration of the stables roofing, the staircase and the southwest bartizan. 

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